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As you probably know, a Website creator program alone is not sufficient. 
If you want the whole world to be able to see your Web pages (your personal ones, or your company Web site) the pages have to be hosted on a computer permanently connected to the Internet. 
If your firm already has a permanent Internet connection and a Web server computer, you are ok. 
Otherwise you should rent Web space: you will usually receive an username and a password, along with a domain name such as, 50MB of Hard Disk space for your site, a personal email and so on... 
There are many hosting companies out there. As EasyWebEditor customer, you are completely free, so you can choose *any* hosting company, we do not force you to stay with us or with any other firm. 
But if you want some advice, our partner DewaHost is very reliable and has some affordable offers for you. 
Every EasyWebEditor customer receives a Coupon Code that has to be entered in the order form. You can preview the DewaHost offers with a click here. We recommend also Globat (click here)
Once your Website is up and running, it is interesting to measure its performances. If you spend money (advertising) it is important to measure which ads pay and which do not. We have a powerful tool for this, click here for more info
When your site is OK, the search engines help you let the world know you exist. A search engine is a site that can act as an “index” to the Internet (like the Yellow Pages). Click here for more info. 
Often, your servers appear to be working just fine from within your office. What's more important, however, is if your site is accessible from the rest of the world. A monitoring service ensures this. Click here for more info. 
The simple way to accept credit cards on your Web site is the Pageville shopping cart. It can insert Paypal and Pageville "buy" and "checkout" buttons. Click here for more info. 
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